Recruiting Tempo Team Leaders

Tempo Team Leader

  • Must commit to learning the Tempo System
  • Must recruit and build a team of no more than three people
  • Must be responsible for managing the Tempo Team
  • Must create a trading schedule to fulfill the 23 hour trading day requirement
  • Must be responsible for verifying and documenting Team Members’ schedules
  • Must be responsible for receiving payments from SmartWorX and disbursing to Team Members 
  • Must be honest and committed
  • Must be ready to Win

Tempo Trader

  • Must be willing to learn the Tempo System and follow established guidelines
  • Must be astute and intelligent
  • Must have impeccable impulse control and integrity
  • Must have a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility
  • Must be enthusiastic and eager
  • Must be committed being an active part of the Tempo Team
  • Must be ready to Win

Tempo Teams

  • Must comprise no more than three people including a Team Lead
  • Must commit to trading in 23 hour cycles
  • Must be synergistic and cohesive 
  • Must have a strong team spirit
  • Must be ready to Win

If you believe that you have what it takes to build and lead a strong Tempo Team we would like to hear from you. Contact Us

The fine print: We reserve the right to refuse you access to the trial, simulator, funding, live trading, etc. at anytime for any reason. If you are funded for live trading, you can present follow on proposals for additional funding should your trading results be consistently profitable. There is no catch; you will not be responsible for losses. We are simply looking for talent. Do you have it?