About SmartWorX

SmartWorX Capital Inc.

SmartWorX Capital Inc. was established in 2003 by Tony Harris and Eugene Woo, experts in Real-time AI Systems who leveraged their many years of experience building mission critical systems for industrial process control, to research and develop algorithmic models that are used to automate trading of Futures in the financial markets. Their specific focus has been on research, development and deployment of robust and profitable algorithmic models for trading the futures markets. 
SmartWorX Capital’s proprietary suite of models is called Tempo. The Tempo suite of strategies runs on the NinjaTrader trading platform and could be applied in most market environments. Tempo is capable of automatically managing trades in multiple instruments simultaneously, taking both long and short positions. Tempo has been tested and proven to be more than 60 per cent accurate. SmartWorX Capital applies these models internally and is currently adding talented and committed Team Leaders to our roster.
SmartWorX Capital provides access to the Tempo suite as well as training, funding and support to teams of traders around the world thereby optimizing efficiencies for round the clock trading.

SmartWorX Capital Leadership Team

Tony Harris, President & Chief Executive Officer – email caharris@smartworxcap.com
Eugene Woo, Vice-President, Information Technology –  email ewoo@smartworxcap.com
Janice Harris, Vice President, Business Development – email jharris@smartworxcap.com

What makes us extraordinary 

  • SmartWorX Capital has spent over 13 years developing the Tempo software
  • SmartWorX Capital relies on Tempo Teams who use Tempo to trade our funds
  • SmartWorX Capital bears all risk of losses for Tempo Teams 
  • SmartWorX Capital provides the funds for Tempo Teams to trade
  • SmartWorX Capital servers can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Tempo uses complex algorithms that are simple to apply
  • Tempo is fully automated and could trade 100% unattended
  • The accuracy of Tempo is optimized when paired with the human ability to make astute strategy changes
  • Tempo Teams pay zero dollars for the opportunity to trade on Tempo 
  • Tempo Teams share in all profits derived from their successful trades
  • Everyone wins